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StrongYoga & Beyond

Custom Designed Fitness 

What I Do

I design custom yoga sessions to cultivate a strong body and mind. Advanced beginners to intermediate practitioners can have a live one-on-one video conference session with me where we will discover through conversation what is at the source of your physical and emotional imbalance. I will then prescribe a series of postures (asanas) and/or breathwork to facilitate balance and peace of mind.

Get to Know Me

I started teaching Yoga in 2006 while studying ballroom dance in Las Vegas. After moving to New York, I continued to teach yoga and expanded my studies into pilates, personal training, spin and barre work.


Inspired by education in 2015 I completed my Masters of Arts in Education and continue to study human development by raising my son.

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Anahata Yoga

Ask about Strong Yoga's specialty lessons called "Anahata Yoga" or yoga for the heart. 

Anahata yoga focuses on breath-centered alignment with an emphasis on balancing sequences. 

The concept for instruction was created from my love of dancing Argentine Tango. This advanced social dance requires partners, to share the same axis, but to maintain the integrity of their own center while in a close embrace.

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